Questions & Answers

What is the physical space like?
I work from a pleasant office with a window. There is a separate entrance and exit. We will sit together for the session. I have two comfortable chairs from which you can choose. Water is always available. You do not have to lie on a couch!
How long will I be in therapy?
Therapy can take varying amounts of time. Sometimes individuals only need one session, others need several sessions and for some, it can be a longer process. How long you are in therapy depends very much on you as an individual. By this I mean that it depends on why you are seeking therapy and what you hope to gain from it.
How do I choose a therapist?
Research indicates that the biggest indicator of client success is the therapeutic relationship that develops between the therapist and the client. Therefore, it is very important that you feel comfortable with your therapist and believe that the two of you work well together.

It is a good idea to have an email or phone conversation when you first contact a potential therapist. Try to determine if this therapist has expertise regarding your particular situation. Also, just see if you feel comfortable talking with your prospective therapist. If you feel comfortable, book a first appointment (paid session) to figure out if this person is a “good fit” for you. If the first session works out, you can book another one. If you do not find it helpful, then you can continue your search. I would be happy to provide a referral to another competent practitioner should you wish one.

What happens during the first session?
Many people express feelings of worry and nervousness when they come to therapy for the first time. I offer a safe environment that is private and welcoming. The first session involves gathering information and discussing your reasons for coming to therapy. We might cover areas such as past struggles you may have faced, family information, how you are coping with your current struggles, and setting goals for therapy. When we schedule our first session, I will provide you with an intake form to complete. Intake sessions are conversational, and this atmosphere should help to reduce any stress that you might feel.
How long do appointments last?
Individual Therapy Appointments are 50 minutes long. This is the standard length of a counseling session. If you are interested in a longer session (90 minutes) please contact me regarding availability and pricing.
Why 50 minutes? That seems strange.

I spend 10 minutes planning for our next meeting. Please note that for couples counselling 90 minutes is required.

Do you prescribe medication?
No, I do not prescribe medication because I am not a medical doctor. Many patients progress well in therapy without medication. However, many of my patients find medication is helpful. If you want to be evaluated for psychiatric medication, either contact your primary care physician or a psychiatrist.
Is the information I share in counselling confidential?
Social Workers have an ethical and legal duty to hold, in confidence, the information that is shared during therapy. However, there are certain limitations to this confidentiality. All of this will be carefully discussed during the initial meeting before any personal information is shared.
Will my extended health care benefits cover the cost of my therapy sessions?
In most cases, counselling is covered under extended health care plans. Please check with your insurance provider prior to the session.
Do you have to have a beard to be a male therapist? People often ask!
You do not have to have a beard to be a male therapist! It is a personal choice, and it does not affect my abilities as a counsellor.
Are you a Registered Social Worker (RSW)?

I am a RSW and am a member in good standing with the Social Worker, Ontario College of Social Workers & Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW).

Do you offer couples and family therapy?
Yes, I offer individual and couples therapy. I have training in EFT. Please note that my practice only serves individuals and couples who are 18 years of age and older.